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B.I.R.T.H. is a non-profit organization of parents, midwives, physicians, childbirth educators, doulas, professional labor support and lactation consultants.

B.I.R.T.H FAIR Vendor & Sponsor Resources

Join us for 20th Annual B.I.R.T.H. Fair! Admission is FREE to all events. Join us for speakers, films, prizes, children’s activities and over 50 planned local vendors.

BIRTH Board of Resolutions

There are many opportunities during pregnancy, birth, and post-partum recovery period for disagreements or disappointments to arise with your care provider. BIRTH now has a resource that can help resolve these complaints. By making use of this resource, you can help improve the care you and others will receive from health care and birth support providers.

Midwifery Scholarship

B.I.R.T.H. wants to provide a midwifery school scholarship to an aspiring African American midwife in the Houston community. We will match any donation to this fund up to $3000. So make a donation and double your contribution!

B.I.R.T.H helps you…

Welcome to B.I.R.T.H.

B.I.R.T.H. is a non-profit organization of parents, midwives, physicians, childbirth educators, doulas, professional labor support and lactation consultants .

We are working to create the emergence of a Houston community which promotes healthy, natural and safe birth for mothers and babies by providing access to information and resources in person, in print and on-line. We encourage high standards and provide a support network for Houston’s birth community.

Join us in planning the B.I.R.T.H. Fair 2024!

The B.I.R.T.H. Fair will be this coming October 2024 so we have a lot of work to do!

Come and meet with others that have the same passion and conviction of working towards the goal of helping to educate the Houston community on birth and parenting and have some fun in the process. But it takes a lot of energy and dedicated people to make this happen and that’s why we need YOU. There are lots of ways you can help out, if you have just a little time or a lot we have a task that can fit into your busy schedule.

So come join us in this movement to help make changes in our communities by making BIRTH Fair 2024 a huge success.

Event: West University Wellness
Agenda: Chiropractic Care Talk + Birth 2024 Updates
Action: Begin collecting goodie bag items from various vendors

Action: Start reaching out to organizations for volunteers (nursing schools, National Honor Society, graduate schools needing volunteer hours, doula and midwife students, interns of BIRTH participants)

Deadline: Physician nominations due
Action: Send speaker survey to all vendors/sponsors to gather preferences and nominations for speakers/topics
Meetings: Monthly meetings (Q1)

Event: BioBirth/Nativiti
Topics: Why Midwifery Care
Actions: Speaker invitations sent, physician awards invitations sent to recipients

Deadline: Speaker confirmations due

Meetings: Bi-weekly meetings (Q2)

Event: Bayou City Breastfeeding
Focus: Headshot/Networking Event

Deadlines: Resource guide edits, goodie bag items, raffle items
Action: Deadline for all edits and submissions
Action: Stuff bags, print all items, prep any items for the day of the event
Meetings: Weekly Meetings (Q3)
Actions: Coordinate with volunteers for details on the day of the event
Follow-up: Send a follow-up survey 3-7 days post-event
  • Monday, September 23 - 7 PM

  • Monday, September 30 - 7 PM

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